Protection on device, app and connection

Secure containers, always-on encrypted connections, protected devices. We employ multiple layers of security to ensure that the private is kept private

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Extreme Encryption

SKY ECC protects sensitive and sensitive information with top-quality end-to-end encryption

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Hardware-Team Safe Devices

SKY ECC is only installed on devices, with tamper-resistant chips

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Roaming International SIM with more than 120 countries

Private and international communication network. Customers can use their devices

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International communication network

SKY ECC transmits data over an international network private and secure.

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone

We shield your personal cell phone

Avoid cyberattacks, spying and theft of your private information. We install the SKY ECC license on your personal cell phone so that you enjoy all the benefits regarding security and confidentiality. No matter where you are, we get it to you anywhere in the world.

With SKY ECC you guarantee that the private is kept private.
Turn your phone into an indecipherable mobile. Encrypt your cell phone.


SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
License 3 months + iphone Pro


1,650 USD

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
License 6 months + iphone Pro


2,150 USD

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
License 3 months + iphone X


1,170 USD

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
6-Month License + iPhone X


1,670 USD

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
License 3 months + iphone 7


850 USD

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
License 6 months + iphone 7


1,350 USD

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
License 3 months + iphone 6s


800 USD

SKY ECC Encrypted Phone
License 6 months + iphone 6s


1,290 USD

SKY ECC License 3 months


600 USD

SKY ECC License 6 months


1,100 USD

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Locked devices

SKY ECC devices disable features that pose a risk to your privacy and security.


Remote erase

You can perform a remote wipe of the phone, contacting us, this in case you have lost it, have been stolen or seized.

cell skyecc encrypted button-of-panic

Panic button

You can set the chat app to a panic password, so when you open the app and digitally the panic password your phone will be deleted immediately.


Incognito mode

SKY ECC becomes a fully functional calculator, activating incognito mode.


File Chat and Encryption: We use 521-bit ECC elliptical curve Diffie-Hellman cryptography (equivalent to 15,360bit RSA) to protect your messages and files stored in the vault. Under no circumstances can we read your messages or data.

Self-destruction: Messages sent between the application have a self-destruct feature. You can set the amount of time in the conversation before it is destroyed.

Coercion, Panic Password: The panic password feature allows you to create a fake password, so you can give in case of a threat attempt or force entry. Using the password function under pressure will remove all information from the application: messages, contacts, images and history, it will remain as if it never existed.

Group Chat:
Keep everyone in sync, even large groups

Flash Messaging:
Send messages that disappear 30 seconds after reading

Group broadcast messages:
Send short updates to contact groups with a few taps

Share images and notes:
Send notes, images and contacts with handling about the download

Secure audio messages:
Attach a secure audio clip to a message


Vault in the cloud

Backup – secure vault

Store notes, photos, conversations, files, etc., encrypted and protected. You can also send and share content to other contacts.

Stores trusted private contacts:

Your SKY ECC ID is randomly generated and only you know it. Your ECC ID cannot be discovered through the app.


Become a distributor

If you have contacts that require an encrypted cell phone,
get in with us!
you can be a distributor of our products


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